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How to Use Roomba Virtual Wall

How to Use Roomba Virtual Wall

A Roomba virtual wall is an infrared beam prevents Roomba from accessing some parts of an area or room; where dangerous or delicate items are is always important to take precaution than incurring loses, The virtual wall can block open spaces up to 2m (7 ft) where it creates a cone shaped barrier to make it seem bigger as Roomba gets closer.

The Following are Directions on How to Use Roomba Virtual Wall

Auto Virtual Wall

You can set up your virtual wall on auto mode. The power indicator will continuously blink every eight seconds to indicate activation.

The first step is to insert batteries for every Virtual Wall and then switch it on. Then position the Virtual on the side opposite the area you do not want the Roomba to access. For example, if you do not want Roomba to access the hallway through the living room, the Virtual Wall should be placed on the side of the hallway at the entry point or the wall. To ensure more accuracy, make sure the arrow on the Virtual Wall is directed to the entry way or the doorway. This will enable the Roomba to easily sense the Virtual Wall and prevent it from accessing the restricted area.

When the batteries run out, the Virtual Wall will notify you by blinking twice but they should last for about six months. When you are not using the Virtual Wall, turn it off to save battery power.

Manual Virtual Wall

The manual virtual wall is activated when starting the cleaning cycle where it will deactivate after 135 minutes. When it runs out of battery power, the indicators will blink in green color.

How to Replace the Roomba Virtual Wall Batteries

The Virtual Wall uses 2AA batteries. When replacing the batteries, locate the switch where the iRobot logo is situated. Press and hold the switch while squeezing the sides and pull it off to make the wall go off which will reveal two distinct units. The two units are where the C alkaline batteries should be placed; make to check the negative and positive portal. After this, place back the cover and press firmly to properly fit. The good thing with the Roomba Virtual Wall Batteries last the machine for quite some time. It has to be replaced each time it stops to work. For this machine to work efficiently like of any other I needs maintenance. Any time it is not working as expected the problem has to be identified and the cleaning will always be efficient.

When using Roomba to clean your room, take advantage of the Virtual Wall feature to do other things as you leave the Roomba to do your cleaning. You do not have to be in the room to supervise the cleaning. This is an easy way of cleaning your house and it will leave it sparkling. This will take a short time. It is one cleaning machine that cost you some cash but will save you time.

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