how long to charge roomba vacuum?

how long to charge roomba

You should know how long to charge Roomba to avoid damaging the battery due to overcharging. Under normal operations, the Roomba battery should be charged for two hours before you can resume cleaning. There are specific charging instructions you need to follow so that you can charge the battery well. Start by removing the battery pull tab then start charging the battery. The battery is me to charge fast so that you can avoid lengthy interruptions in your cleaning process.  After you charge the battery for two hours, it will clean continuously for about two hours. Even if your home is significant, the two hours run time is enough to clean the whole house.

How long should you charge Roomba battery before the first use?

It is recommended by the manufacturers to charge the battery overnight before the first use so that the battery can be fully charged to keep the charge for long.

Roomba refresh charging

The Roomba robot cleaner has an inbuilt mechanism which aims at preserving the battery. It is recommended not to leave the battery without charge for too long. If the Roomba battery is left without charge for an extended period, then it will initiate an automatic 16-hour refresh charge session. The 16-hour charging session will refresh the battery and extend its lifespan. The sessions start by a fast pulse of the indicators after which they will turn off. The indicators turn off after a minute to save on energy.

Charging indicators on Roomba


It is an indication the battery is empty; hence, you should start charging the robot cleaner immediately. Remember you should not leave the robot vacuum cleaner without charge for too long.

Red – Flashing

It indicates the battery is too low; hence, you should start charging instead of cleaning. Remember with the red flashing light; the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean as the charge is too low to power it.

Amber – Pulse

You should not worry if you connect the battery to a socket and you see amber pulses. It is an indication the vacuum cleaner is charging. Remember you need to plug it into your socket and ensure it is charging before you can leave it to charge fully. The amber pulse indication will let you know the vacuum cleaner is connected to the socket; hence, it is charging.

Green – Solid

Wait until there is a solid green before you can disconnect the charger. Solid green is an indication the Roomba robot cleaner is fully charged. If it was under the usual two hours charging cycle, you can unplug it and start your cleaning process. It is good practice to allow the robot cleaner charge fully before you resume cleaning. When the battery cells are fully charged they tend to keep charge for long.

Amber – Quick Pulse

The indication notifies you of the start and running of the 16-hour refresh charge mode. It is advised to leave the Roomba under this condition uninterrupted so that it can refresh and preserve the battery.

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