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how to clean Roomba and keep it in good condition

how to clean Roomba and keep it in good condition

Roomba Cleaner uses artificial intelligence to clean your entire home. It is a compact and compact device that can easily travel under beds and carpets to remove dirt from remote areas of your home. It comes with sensors that give you enough guidance to navigate your home, determine the route of cleaning, and start the process accordingly. However, like all household appliances, the Roomba pump will not work correctly unless adequately maintained. If you have one, follow these best care tips to help your detergent last longer.

Initial steps

First, you must separate the robot before you try to do anything.  Make sure it is not disconnected, then start your work.

Check the ground

Yes, Roomba cleaners have built-in sensors that detect any obstacles so they can get out of them. You should first check for loose wires or other dangerous particles on the ground that can cause problems with your device. Roomba cleaners are damaged when you hit these sharp objects; therefore, it is best to check the ground before using cleaning products thoroughly.


Check the quality of the wheels regularly as they are necessary for proper operation of Roomba cleaning brooms. Carefully remove the wheels with a screwdriver and brush. Never wash it with water because it can always damage the wheels. A deep dust brush should be used to examine the wheels for granular hair strands, dust, or other particles. If you find it, gently clean the dust particles and return the wheels to the unit again for smooth, hassle-free movement.

Litter box or dirtbag

That is where all the dirt absorbed by the pump accumulates from different rooms in your home. Never allow dust to gather for several days together, as this will reduce the efficiency of the device. Each time you use the equipment, remove the dirtbag, empty the trash, and rinse it under running water. Allow the device to dry completely and wipe it with a soft cloth before reinserting it into the machine. You can use a brush that is soft to clean dust particles before washing the bag.

Regular inspection

Part of the maintenance of a good  Roomba cleaner is regular inspection of the bags. Once it is complete, make sure it is removed and replaced. If more than 2/3, it is unlikely to be suction, so it is better to remove the cyst and replace it. If you have a bagless  Roomba, make sure to empty it regularly.


You should be careful when cleaning built-in HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners. It must not be cleaned with water because moisture can enter the filters and affect its efficiency. Always use a small brush to clean the filters and get rid of dust particles trapped inside them.Check on the brush rollersFrom time to time, you should clean the brush or blender. Look at your  Roomba and see where the brush roller is. If there are strands and hair, you need to pull them out to do your free space work as it should. The brush roller has bearings. You should clean and lubricate it from time to time. In this way, the brush roller rotates properly, collecting debris effectively on the floor.

Updated technology

Roomba Cleaners work with predefined algorithms. These algorithms depend on the software for these devices. Therefore, you should regularly check whether the manufacturer needs to update the software. If so, do it right away to keep your devices running flawless and ensuring you get the best value for your money. When the software is not updated, your machine stops between them even if the battery is full.